Take a behind-the-scenes look at the training courses organized in France for the “Europe Home of Cheese” program, offering original cheese and bread combinations, as well as anti-waste solutions!

These courses were designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from independent cheese makers to supermarket professionals. Their aim was to share practical knowledge, from cutting to packaging, all to help boost cheese consumption, which is still highly standardized in France.

CNIEL training sessions

The Cniel and Hopscotch Sopexa France teams were joined on stage by this year’s expert duo: Laetitia Gaborit, “France’s Best Cheese Maker”, and Adriano Farano, artisan baker and founder of Pane Vivo.

For this 3rd edition, the focus was on bread and cheese combinations, to help customers make the best choice of breads to offer with different cheese families.

A gourmet and unifying theme contributed to the success of these training courses and to the support of professionals, who were able to take advantage of each session to address their questions directly to the experts.

This long-term partnership reflects CNIEL’s confidence in our ability to deliver quality programs tailored to the ever-changing needs of the market.

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An original recipe renewed:

Based on a common theme, we created content tailored to 2 audiences: creamery-cheese-makers and cheese-makers in supermarkets; broadcast live with a chat to allow questions to be put to the experts, and ending with an interactive quiz.


From know-how to tasting:

The aim was to share practical knowledge, from cutting to packaging, dish pairing, and special holiday platters.

Check-out the live CNIEL sessions for an immersive and passionate cheesy experience! LINK ­čĹç