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Our Approach To

Our employees are made aware of the need to become involved into a sustainable approach. Our international talents are trained to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenges such as eco-design, carbon assessment and compensation, inclusive communication, digital sobriety, and assistance to people in precarious situations.

Hopscotch Groupe

Socially and Environmentally Committed

Sopexa is an agency from Hopscotch Groupe. All the teams of the group are socially and environmentally committed, to take care of its audiences and to have a positive impact on the environment.

Our Commitments

Sopexa is intimately linked to the earth and committed to positive environmental change. This commitment is reflected in three of the associations we cofounded and in which we are involved:

For The Love of

The Earth

We believe that food enriches the soul and creates universal experiences that transcend generations and cultures. The earth is what feeds us and our relationships with others. So together with our teams and partners, we are taking action to achieve this goal with greater environmental commitment.