After We Love Green and Les Vieilles Charrues music festivals in 2022, our team at Hopscotch Sopexa France took the 2023 edition of the Europe Home of Cheese campaign to Solidays and Musilac this summer!


Created to shake up the image of French cheese, our teams went out to France’s most famous music festivals to offer young audiences some generous tasting moments and show them that this delicacy isn’t just eaten on a platter as part of a meal, but is also a daily-life tasty snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, any time and in any circumstances.


Festival-goers were invited to try a blind-tasting cheese quiz and some fun tasting games with our expert cheesemonger Meilleur Ouvrier de France 🎖 François Robin.


We Love GreenLes Vieilles CharruesSolidaysMusilac 


A warm thank you to Marie-Laure Martin, CNIEL International Communications Director, and Aude Torlach, CNIEL European Project Manager, for your trust and support.

And congrats to Hopsoctch Sopexa France with Charlotte Paradin, Pauline Boudard, Cassandre Day and Jules Barral for putting on this festive experience together!

Say Cheese ! 🧀