An exclusive event brought together a wide range of wine & spirits industry participants. Many trade experts took part, including importers, buyers, wine merchants, foodservice professionals, educators, government officials, journalists and influencers.

The unique tasting in an immersive setting, conducted by the producers themselves, offered a valuable opportunity to develop sales for both imported and locally produced wines.


Inspired by Washington State ground-breaking positioning in the wine industry, our teams launched a rock-themed After-Party featuring live music at Washington State Wines 2023 traditional Grand Tasting. As a tribute to the best rock artists from Seattle, the event infused with rock ‘n’ roll vibes truly captured the innovative spirit of Washington State’s winemakers and allowed the producers to meet up with top-tier trade and media in a relaxed atmosphere embodying the very essence of the region.


Attendees had the opportunity to discover and appreciate a diverse selection of Washington State wines, showcased by passionate producers who were able to share their expertise and the story behind each bottle.


Following the tasting, a series of Masterclasses was organized to deepen the knowledge and appeal of the Washington State wine region.


The Masterclasses addressed three themes:

– the hidden treasures of the vineyard, hosted by Jamie Goode, writer and technical and marketing consultant to wine merchants

– sustainable vineyard development, hosted by Jamie Goode, writer and technical and marketing consultant to wine merchants

– and the place of women in the Washington State wine industry, hosted by and Michelle Cherutti-Kowal MW, Consultant, wine writer and educator.


After the tasting and Masterclasses, an “After Party” was organized to bring together the region’s winemakers with key players in the UK market. This relaxed and lively evening, which took place in a Rock’n’Roll atmosphere, helped to forge links between consumers and experts. Attendees were able to sample Washington State craft beers while enjoying live music from a rock band, demonstrating the strong identity of the wine region.

A memorable evening full of surprises!

Some key figures

Participants’ feedback was very positive, both on the organization of the event and on the meetings with the producers and wines on offer. Many emphasized the importance of the Masterclasses in their experience, which enabled them to deepen their knowledge of Washington State wines and further appreciate the subtleties of this booming wine region, reflecting the growing interest in the region and the desire to strengthen business ties.

By creating opportunities to meet, learn and network, this event helped to consolidate existing business relationships and open up new prospects for the Washington State wine industry.