Brands as well as communications agencies must reinvent themselves and continue to build audience loyalty while offering new concepts that respect health measures

At Hopscotch Sopexa, we pride ourselves on being nimble in our creative thinking in order to adapt.

Support around the world

In 2020, Sopexa accompanied the USA Cheese Guild in designing and implementing a global digital and PR campaign in 10 markets: USA, China, Japan, Chile, Gulf Arab States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Korea, and Taiwan.  

On the digital side, more than 2,300 posts tailored to each market have been published across 20 social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Weibo. It allowed the USA Cheese Guild to expand their communities adding 60,000 new followers and reaching more than 130 million people worldwide in 2020. 

On the PR side, a strong local PR strategy aims to build awareness of the excellent Cheeses from the USA, educating journalists about the specificities of USA Cheese. It has resulted in more than 185 articles around the globe so far. 

A highly interactive digital experience

The USA Cheese Guild Digital Pop-Up is a highly interactive digital experience designed to increase engagement with USA cheese abroad. Using a 1950s diner-themed experience, the Pop-Up encourages users to discover USA cheeses available in their local market through videos, music, pictures, text, and more.  

Originally planned as an in-person pop-up featuring a booth and cheese samples, the activation switched to an all-digital format because of COVID-19 running for 1 month with promotions.

A successful way to stimulate communities around the world and generate sales of American cheeses!   

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