Stratégies the reference media for communication, advertising, media, and marketing professionals, organizes each year the Grand Prix of communication for the brands and agencies.

This year, Hopscotch Sopexa and the French ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty won bronze at the Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content in the social content and influence category, content distributed on social networks for the Mix & Match Challenge by Taste France Magazine.

The media Taste France Magazine, a digital ecosystem available in six languages (English -UK and US-, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and French), gathers a community of foodies. Its goal is to develop the international reputation and attractiveness of French gastronomy and related food products. The Mix & Match challenge reinforces this effort by leveraging Taste France’s channels and by addressing an existing community of curious foodies, food lovers, and food enthusiasts from all over the world.

In September 2021, 6 macro-influencers passionate about food from all over the world came together in Paris to participate in the Mix & Match Challenge. The goal of this challenge was to make them discover French products and to allow them to associate them with those of their home country in a video challenge.

SORTED (UK), Byron Talbott (USA), Sami Slimani (Germany), Gypsy Chef TV (Spain), and Mai Matsumoto (Japan), major food influencers, came to introduce their communities not only to French products but also to French know-how, culture, and lifestyle with various activities:

The Mix&Match Challenge

Staging a culinary challenge in a studio, discovering 3 dishes combining French products and products coming from their home country. The goal was to identify the products coming from home countries and the French ones and to associate each dish with French wines. Upon returning from the trip, they have created recipes from their favorite combinations and organize a contest to challenge and engage their communities.

The Unexpected French Tour

A filmed tour to introduce French products to influencers by taking them to emblematic locations in Ile-de-France. A fun and immersive 2-day itinerary to discover the products in various places: Rungis market, urban cheese factory, butchery-restaurant concept, Smart Food Paris incubator, and a Parisian wine house. 

This challenge is part of a 2021 campaign to promote French food products internationally, Taste France Consumer Campaign, co-financed by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

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