In the world of dairy pleasures and pure Formula 1 excitement, flavor meets the thrill of speed for a unique experience. Embark on a tour where delicacy and adrenaline collide!
See how Hopscotch Sopexa Singapore created an unforgettable event.


For the “Singapore Grand Prix”, Lactalis offered a unique experience, enthralling customers and partners in the world of Formula 1 racing at Altro Zafferano restaurant – a prime location with a breathtaking view of the Formula 1 race track.  The event featured immersive decorations that captured the essence of the Formula 1 experience, creating a memorable ambiance.


Dairy product aficionados and market actors enjoyed dairy dishes from prestigious brands, such as Président Professionnel and Galbani Professionale, in an electric atmosphere. This unique combination offered a new, exciting and dynamic dimension to the brands’ products.


Lactarace by Lactalis, where quality dairy products meet the intense thrill of F1.