In November 2021, we held events for Wines of Chile in the first-tier Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Two masters of wine and the Master of Sommelier were invited to share their insights on Chilean wines in master classes in two China’s TOP3 cities. The immersive experience at the wine tasting event created connections with industry professionals and 45 wineries. A Further activity in the luxury city landmark which perfectly match the brand image deepen the contact with key target groups and better communicate with VIP guests through a relaxed format of a fabulous after party.

In addition, through 13 targeted Chinese media and KOL locally and nationally, promoting Chile as one of the top wine making countries, producing exceptional wines and outstanding bottles, organized elegant luncheon and media event in order to deepen the relationship as well as reinforce Wines of Chile strategic image on the Chinese.

The evolution and value of Chilean wines was highlighted through a series of upscale and refined events,totally recahed 300+ professional participants and 200+ wine lovers nationwide.