When we talk about Europe, we often associate it with food from the different countries.

Cheese is an integral part of the gourmet heritage and deserve to be known. So how to improve the image and the reputation of the European cheese? How to increase their market shares in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India?

CNIEL and Agra Markt Austia have partnered with the European Milk Forum, to highlight their dairy products on 6 markets. Sopexa imagined and deployed “Europe, Home of Cheese” campaign for them. It improves the image, the reputation and the market parts of the European cheese. The international agency imagined a campaign based on 3 pillars: educate, demonstrate, and inspire. Educate today’s Chef but also the future professionals of the 6 countries with materials and messages that answers their needs in a qualitative way. Demonstrate the excellency of the European cheese during workshops and interactive events, physical or online. Inspire the consumer by sharing with him, powerful pictures linked with the consumption’s habits specific to each country.


The campaign promotes the unique and incomparable taste of the European cheese. It highlights its heritage and its ancestral savoir-faire which is always improved and modernized in order to be more sustainable and to offer harder alimentary security.



Their story, the high-quality products, their diversity, are a perfect incarnation of the European lifestyle.

Finally, thanks to their strong diversity, European cheese can be easily integrated with all alimentary diets and different cooking – traditional or modern – of every country, which makes them internationally accessible.

Due to Covid-19, many fairs and events have been cancelled but the campaign has been adapted to bring the European cheese close to consumers and professionals. For example, after the prohibition of organizing a press event in Singapore, the action was transformed. The invited journalists and influencers received directly in their homes a “care package” of the campaign with goodies and samples of cheese. An Instagram live was hosted by our team to discover the assets of European cheese, presented by the best French cheesemaker of the year… Directly from France! Following the cancelation of professionals’ exhibitions in North America, European producers were directly in contact with American and Canadians consumers through virtual face-to-face meetings, establishing quality contacts despise the distance!