Revaluing the Comté as a food rather than an ingredient: snacking and pleasure consumption and educating the consumer on the history of the Comté

Following the health crisis, new forms of conviviality were created with our closed relations circle: with to a small number of people, via video calls, social networks, etc. The Hopscotch Sopexa team decided to carry out a quantitative survey to understand this new conviviality notions and the place of cheese within. 

This made it possible to :

  • Identify the relationship of the population to the cheese category and identify the key moments of cheese consumption
  • Understand the notion of conviviality today
  • Determine 4 societal/lifestyle profiles
  • Define the relationship with Comté and its image in Belgium

The aim of this study was to understand what conviviality means to Belgians, how it expresses itself in their lives and how Comté fits in. Based on the results, media actions (print, online & radio), influencers and a digital strategy were developed throughout the year.