Do you want to reach millions of contacts across 6 countries?

Take part in our Mix & Match Challenge influence event in Paris next September

The principle?

We will bring together 6 macro food influencers from Germany, the UK, Spain, the US, China and Japan in the capital to help them discover a selection of French products. They will combine them with those from their home countries in a challenge filmed in a studio. A sequence will be dedicated to the wines to be associated with the recipes previously concocted.

Then a fun and immersive journey through the capital will plunge them into the different worlds of production and consumption of French products, accompanied by an animator and a film crew.
Finally, they will be challenged on their return to create recipes from their favourite associations.

Why participate?

This ambitious, high-impact event will capitalise on the ambassadors’ massive communities, which represent a total of 12M contacts, to promote your products in the targeted markets, create quality content and strongly engage the influencers’ fans, as well as those of the digital media

This campaign is part of the 2021 Taste France Consumer Campaign, co-financed by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, to promote French food products internationally.