Wine Trade Monitor 2024

Calling on its international network of over 30 offices worldwide, Hopscotch Sopexa carries out a biennial prospective study of B2B trends in key wine consumption and import markets. 


The agency’s approach is one of a kind: to interview wine trade operators around the world – those who are the intermediaries between international brands and local consumers – and gather their perceptions of wine market evolutions. Over the past 15 years, this methodology has proven sound in previewing forecasts that have ultimately come true, providing valuable lessons in understanding and anticipating the trends impacting international wines sales. 


Between September and November 2023, 957 professionals working with an assortment of international wines, including importers, wholesalers, supermarket distributors, wine merchants, and online sales specialists, took part in the survey and gave their forecasts for the next two years. The 10th edition of the Wine Trade Monitor surveyed 9 markets:

Germany - Belgium - United Kingdom - Netherlands - United States - Canada - China - Japan - South Korea.

Wine Market Evolution Forecast:

Hopscotch Sopexa's 8 Key Findings

1. Wines From Europe Are the Most Referenced 


2. Quality, Price, Innovation: Wine Perception Determined by its Origin


3. A Rather Pessimistic View of the Evolution of the Wine Market, but Confidence in Individual Sales 


4. Three Trends are Boosting Sales: Naturalness, Price Segmentation, and a New Offer Including Light Wines 


5. Wine Authenticity Influences Sales 


6. French Appellations Remain the Leaders by Color 


7. Three Major international Grape Varieties Top the Ranking, Followed by Rapidly Growing Secondary Varieties 


8. The Bottle is Evolving, While the Can Falls Out of Favor 


This study, aligned with the DNA of Hopscotch Sopexa agency, draws on its international network and knowledge of the wine world to design marketing and communications campaigns at the heart of the challenges facing wine-producing regions.   

Our teams will be happy to discuss marketing and communication strategies in response to these developments.

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