Breaking into a foreign market can be intimidating, especially if the biggest names in that market don’t like associating with new brands. This was the challenge for Macadamia, a recognizable nut brand who few people know is from Australia. This is starting to change with Sopexa Korea on the case, who created a unique marketing campaign in Seoul combining the talent of a local ice creamery with the unique flavor of Macadamia nuts!

Australian Macadamia Crossover

Sopexa paired up « Macadamia from Australia » with « Before it Melts », a local Seoul favorite destination for ice cream among the younger age group targeted by the Australian nut brand. Together, they created a custom menu with three unique Macadamia ice-cream flavors that customers can’t find anywhere else! To engrain the authentic feel the brand was looking for, visual, audio and interactive experiences were used. This included the peeling of Macadamia nuts in the store by guests, which were then used in their own ice cream servings, giving customers a full appreciation of the way Macadamia can be incorporated into their food. The ice cream boutique was also heavily decorated with an « Australian Macadamia Forest » theme, with toys and other trinkets on display for the visitors.


To solidify the impact of the event, Instagram Live was used to give those unable to attend the event in person a chance to experience the fun. With many thousands participating online, the event was a huge success in the virtual sphere for Australian Macadamias. With customers returning days after the event for more Macadamia ice cream, the activation has had real staying power in the market!

Australian Macadamia Crossover banner