How to introduce and promote Italian products: Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Fontina and Riso di Baraggia to medias and professionals in China?

As part of the kickoff of the Top Tales campaign focusing on Italian PDO products, Hopscotch Sopexa organized a dinner with influential medias. Animated by both a Chef and a Sommelier, the objective of the event was to educate the participants and link all of them through pairing and associations.


LV Yang, first Chine Master Sommelier, introduced the wines of Barolo and Barbaresco through videos, tasting and interactions with the audience. In parallel, our chef from Tavola restaurant showcased Italian cheese and rice through multiple dishes imagined for a tailor-made menu.


Following those presentations, a dinner was served to the media where they could experience all products, pairing them to highlight the power of Italian wines through the pleasure of fine dining.


This first event is part of a 3 year campaign.