As the result of a collaboration between InterLoire, Loire Valley Wines council, and Hopscotch Sopexa teams, the new “Bloom Up” campaign is a transversal creative concept that celebrates the well-being and fulfillment of millennials.

A creative offensive to support exports

While international wine markets are tending to stagnate or even decline in several countries, Loire Valley Wines are experiencing exponential growth in exports. Through the development of a 360° promotion campaign for Loire Valley Wines, Hopscotch Sopexa accompanies the council’s promotion plans on its priority export markets – Canada, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom and United States.  


Simpler, more responsible wines with higher quality: these are the claims on which the campaign’s strategy is based. Hopscotch Sopexa has redesigned Interloire’s communications approach to support the dynamics of the vineyard. More than ever, Loire Valley Wines represents these new social and societal aspirations! 

Interloire - Blooming notes

"Bloom Up", a transversal concept, two original creative expressions

For the first time, Loire Valley Wines’ Council is implementing with Hopscotch Sopexa a transversal concept, deployed in all target markets.  


The Bloom Up concept is declined in two original creative expressions, which are addressed to both experienced consumers and young adults in search of simplicity and accessibility. A strategy of two creative approaches developed from a single identity, for a greater impact and personalized message: 


  • “The Blooming Notes” for connoisseur markets like Canada, Australia and Belgium   


  • “Go On! Bloom Big”, a call to action to acquire new market share in the USA and the UK 

A "Fresh, Floral, Fruity & Fair" concept 

Bloom Up is a nod to the floral and fruity notes of Loire Valley Wines, to the individual blossoming of consumers and to the ecofriendly development of wines in the target markets.  


The new Loire Valley Wines campaign features simple and authentic moments of life and sharing, that reflect consumers’ deepest expectations. This concept gently expresses with generosity and authenticity the singular and accessible personality of Loire Valley Wines.    


As a discreet reminder of the aromatic specificities of Loire Valley Wines, the campaign highlights the fresh, floral, fruity, and ecofriendly character of Loire Valley Wines. The foreground, for example, suggests different fruit notes thanks to a subtle blur embodying red and black fruit or citrus and flowers. 

Interloire - Bloom big


InterLoire, Loire Valley Wines Council, brings together 3,000 operators (winegrowers, trading houses and cooperatives). It encompasses the Nantais, Anjou-Saumur and Touraine appellations and denominations, as well as the Val de Loire PGI. InterLoire’s key tasks relate to economic steering and strategic foresight for the sector, research and experimentation, the safeguarding and joint promotion of Loire Valley Wines, and leading and coordinating players in the Loire Valley sector.