3 years to turn healthcare professionals into embassadors of healthy diet, rich in fruits and veggies. 

In this aim, a full programme has been implemented in order to :

  • Offer tools tailored to the needs of private-practice physicians and doctors at healthcare facilities, such as videos and posters for the waiting room.
  • Give practitioners keys to help them be knowledgeable about current scientific findings in the field of nutrition as well as the benefits of fruits and vegetables (attendance at medical conferences and organization of the EGEA event).
  • Encourage eating fruits and vegetables from an early age by handing out informational brochures, partnering with family events such as the Famillathon or healthcare events such as Diabetes Prevention Week.
  • Promote the programme’s actions via continuous press relations drives, four educational visits and two press trips.

Objective after 3 years of campaign - European program "Fruit and vege 4 health"