French gastronomy adresses global consumers with a new face

New Food Content Platform Taste France Magazine aims to become the face of French gastronomy globally with engaging content and recipes that encourage food exploration. Local retailers and distributors will have the opportunity to benefit from the visibility of the magazine via a partnership offer and promotional activities.

This complete media ecosystem consists of a multilingual web platform and a presence on the main social media.

Launched during the summer by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Taste France Magazine is a new multilingual media platform dedicated to the promotion of French culture and food products. Through its website and social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, Taste France Magazine aspires to become the global hotspot for foodies and lovers of the French art de vivre.

Available in five languages, English, German, Japanese, Chinese (via WeChat) and French -Spanish version to come soon- aims to make French gastronomy more accessible to global consumers through engaging content. Both experienced and casual food lovers will find helpful information on the products they love developed by food professionals, including specialized journalists, chefs, influencers, and sommeliers.

Presenting the Versatility of French Food products

While promoting French products quality and diversity, Taste France Magazine places values of sharing and openness at the center of its editorial approach. This cross-cultural spirit is emphasized by the magazine’s “Mix & Match” generator, which offers recipes and food pairings using French products alongside local foods from countries such as Japan, China, Germany, and the United States.

An Original Editorial Line Open to the World Outside

Offering insights from local ambassadors, the decentralized editorial line favours content produced in Japan, China, Germany and the United States by food specialists. It encourages global consumers to discover and taste French products to be found in their own country. Permanently fueled with new content on social media, the platform aims at mobilizing a greater number of food lovers on a daily basis, throughout the world, and building with them a long-lasting relationship.

A strong local base

Taste France Magazine will support a program of physical events, with the goal of generating more points of contact with consumers on the ground. An interactive map « Find products » will be available on the platform to highlight point-of-sales with a wide selection of French products. Retailers and distributers will have the opportunity to benefit not only from the visibility of the magazine via a partnership offer, but also from participation in promotional and event operations at points of sale, non-residential food service, and influencer masterclasses.

A New face for French Gastronomy to Engage a Larger Community of Gourmets

Focusing on current consumer trends, innovative articles, videos, and other content, Taste France Magazine will illuminate a new movement of gourmet and accessible French Food. Taste France Magazine will remain authentic, surprising, and fun as it shares messages of quality and diversity of French food products alongside recipes and practical ways to incorporate French food in everyday life. aspires to become the key international media for foodies – cuisine and gastronomy enthusiasts- and for lovers of the French art of living.


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