With more than 1,400 million inhabitants, China is a vast, highly coveted and ultra-dynamic market whose consumption is picking up again despite the pandemic.

Indeed, due to the measures adopted by the Chinese government to control the spread of the epidemic nationwide, China was one of the first countries to embark on the road to economic recovery. Its activities largely returned to normal during the third quarter of 2020. Undoubtedly, the country will experience a global development making China the only major world economy to experience positive growth this year.

In addition, China has become the undisputed leader in the e-commerce industry where consumers of all ages are familiar with online shopping. In this industry, the livestream trend exploded between 2019 and 2020, recording a 111% jump in value.

Based on these observations, Hopscotch Sopexa proposes a bold e-commerce live action on Taobao to increase the visibility of French products in China online and to reinforce their differentiation for the Chinese consumers.

The ANIA (National Association of Food Industries), accompanied by the international executing agency Hopscotch Sopexa, is carrying out a large-scale action on TAOBAO (Alibaba Group), the leader of e-commerce platforms in China, by proposing to French companies to collaborate with 4 influential local live streamers in order to promote French products. With a 79% market share in China, TAOBAO obviously presents an unprecedented opportunity of visibility for the sectors and brands.


The strategy adopted aims to promote products through live e-commerce, i.e. the combination of live streaming and e-commerce, characterized by personalized shopping experiences, decentralized traffic and real-time interactions. This campaign allows 9 brands to be presented to Chinese consumers.

During an exclusive 1-hour live show, each livestreamer promotes 1-2 products by trying them out live in front of their community.


In total:

The ANIA (National Association of Food Industries), with the support of the European Union and accompanied by the international executive agency Hopscotch Sopexa, offers French and European companies a program to boost their presence in China since 2019.

Source: TDM, FMi, UNDESA,China Statistic Bureau and iResearch