European fruits and vegetables are rarely honored on an international scale.

How can European fruits and vegetables and the EU’s PDO and PGI quality labels be known and recognized?

Highlight everyday European products

Raising European public awareness

The European Union confirms its support for the campaign « Europe signs the products of its terroirs » in favor of PDO and PGI fruits and vegetables in order to highlight everyday European products and their labels through an information campaign aimed at raising public awareness.

Hopscotch Sopexa positions APFELSO as ambassadors of fruit and vegetables with PDO and PGI labels of origin from the European Union. 12 sectors are promoted in 3 countries, France, Italy and Germany, with a unique visual identity and variations by country. A 3-year information program, financed with the European Union’s support, began in 2018 and was renewed in 2020 for 3 new years.

A unique and authentic campaign

The campaign Europe signs the products of its terroirs promotes the Vignola Cherry, the Ribera del Xúquer Persimmon, the Limousin Apples, and many others!

Hopscotch Sopexa orchestrates public relations, from social media to advertising, through various communication tools such as videos, quizzes, media kits and partnerships. The international agency deploys a unique and authentic campaign, with an approach finely adapted to the different audiences, whether professionals or the general public, including numerous actions such as events, TV and radio communication, animation days and the promotion of a dedicated website and social networks highlighting Europe and its products.

In 3 years

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