The first edition of AfroGourmand is launched !

At the first edition of AfroGourmands, the French Dairy Trade Association (CNIEL) showcased European dairy products alongside Dakar’s cooking talents.

The european dairy products in the spotlight

Dairy products will be in the spotlight in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa for 3 years thanks to the strategy proposed by Hopscotch Sopexa to the CNIEL (National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy). This campaign, the first funded by Europe in this market, aims to inform and promote European dairy products to consumers, but also to professionals such as chefs or local restaurateurs.

campagne publicitaire AfroGourmands

"Dare and Savor the difference" !

On the 11th and 12th of June, the very first edition of AfroGourmands was held in a restaurant in Dakar! On the tables, bottles of milk, camembert, emmental, sushi, beef and blue tartlets … The goal? Attract consumers from African countries with mixed flavors recipes.

Membres et participants des AfroGourmands

Workshops are led by iconic personalities such as Chef Christian Abégan and Laetitia Gaborit (Best Craftsman of France – Cheese). An opportunity to discuss the diversity of European dairy products and how to incorporate them into the recipes of local recipes. The invited professionals were also able to attend coaching sessions and educational tastings with information on cheese, their origins and their manufacturing technics.

In parallel, days of promotion and tasting took place in the stores of the biggest supermarkets of each city. An animation stand allowed consumers to taste dairy products.

The 360 ° campaign, which includes a major public relations component and training for local chefs and restaurateurs, continued at the Tiama Hotel in Abidjan on 17 and 18 June. 2 new days marked by Chef Abégan’s recipes and by Pierre Gay (Best Craftsman of France – Cheese). The festivities ended in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Relive these events on the Instagram account of Afrogourmands.