Since 1990, La Semaine du Goût® has been the reference event for the transmission and education of taste for the general public and professionals in France. It engages and mobilizes multiple actors and allows people to get together to learn about taste and eating well.

The 2021 edition, which will be held from October 11 to 17, will be placed under the theme of Taste & Travel. 

The magic of food allows people to travel around the world, discover unknown products and new flavors and to have the impression of escaping and traveling. 

the theme of Taste & Travel

This edition of La Semaine du Goût® will allow everyone to discover tastes from here and elsewhere, thanks to activities throughout France or at home with gourmet recipes!  


This year, Chef Gregory Cohen will once again be the godfather of La Semaine du Goût® and will propose easy and gourmet recipes to transmit his passion for flavors and eating well. 

The Taste Lessons 

During the « Taste Lessons », professionals and artisans of taste and food (chefs, farmers, bakers…) visit elementary school and kindergartens in order to make children aware of taste and eating well.   


For this 32nd edition, the French Minister of Agriculture and Food will also come and participate in a Taste Lesson in a Parisian school.  


To allow everyone to participate, video of Taste Lessons with the godfather Grégory Cohen, will also be available via the Marmiton website.  They are dedicated to school teachers so that classes that will not have the opportunity to receive a professional can have access to the Taste Lessons and participate in La Semaine du Goût®. 

Various activities around taste and eating well  

Many local authorities, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and associations will organize fun events around eating well (tasting workshops, contests, markets, thematic workshops, cooking classes…).  


Thanks to  partnership with Mapstr, all the events for the general public will be visible in early October on LaSemaine du Goût® map.  

The Week of Taste 2021 in figures : 

La Semaine du Goût® in Japan  

This LaSemaine du Goût® Japan will run from October to December 2021. Taste Lessons will be held with local professionals for over 7,000 students.