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France Customized consulting & strategy

A 10-year plan for France’s Tomato industry.

Sopexa’s mission: To assist AOPn Tomatoes and Cucumbers of France in its foresight and strategy for the coming years.  

The Sopexa touch: Unique close working relationships with key players in the industry as well as a perfect command of major challenges and trends in the sector.



Organisation of a “think tank” with input from various stakeholders in order to carry out an inventory and highlight 4 potential areas for progress in the tomato industry: Flavour, Health, Society and Distribution.

Setup of an intelligence and e-reputation program to:

  • listen in on and analyse conversations on the Web
  • understand the tomato ecosystem and map out the communities related to this product
  • identify new influencers

Sending of weekly newsletters and quarterly reports on key issues in the industry.


Writing and publishing of a white paper, the fruit of a six-month collaborative effort by 50 personalities from horizons as diverse as agronomy, research, sociology, medicine, cooking or distribution. The work focuses highlighted during the process will be further developed in 2016.