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First TV placement of Maille and Roussillon in the US

Sopexa’s mission:

Boost the media visibility of Vins Doux Naturels du Roussillon and of the Maille classic range

Convey the clients’ key messages to consumers

Makes the brands more attractive through a captivating, realistic campaign that shows how the products can be used every day


The Sopexa advantage:

Knowledge of and access to key opinion leaders in major US media outlets

Guaranteed customised service and messages


The program implemented:

Determining a communication angle based on a major national holiday, Halloween

Pitching this angle to key players in the US television media

Coordinating with NBC to ensure conveying of key messages and product visibility

Identifying and training talent and hosts


First TV placement of Maille and Roussillon in the US

Clients’ key messages conveyed on one of the USA’s premier TV networks (Audience = 17 million, online = 21,550,000)

Around 2 minutes of ‘pure’ discussion for VDN du Roussillon and 3 minutes for Maille mustards during an approximately 5-minute Halloween segment

Visibility of the Maille brand and Domaine Singla throughout most of the segment

Social media: the video was shared 52 times on Facebook, and the companies featured in the segment circulated the news through their social networks (over 180,000 Twitter followers combined)


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