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The new French Glacé Cherry reflex

Our mission: To make the French Glacé Cherry from Provence a part of today’s cooking trends and break with the idea that it is a seasonal product.


Context: Imported to the UK in large quantities and enjoyed mainly in renowned fruitcake recipes, the French Glacé Cherry from Provence – a multifaceted treat with a variety of uses - is well worth discovering all year round!


Programme: Creation of a series of five 15-second stop-motion video clips that tickle the taste buds of sweet-toothed foodies! French Glacé Cherries go wonderfully with brownies and cupcakes, and are delicious alone as a sweet aperitif treat!   
Visible on YouTube and on the brand’s website (
www.glacecherries.com), the videos have also been promoted in a large-scale traffic/visibility campaign on social networks (Facebook and YouTube) and on websites related to the product.



Nearly 200,000 views on YouTube

Over 25,000 high-quality visits (defined as a visit for a specified minimum length of time) generated on the brand’s site

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