Hong Kong & Macau Events

Hong Kong / CNIEL Cheese event

Our mission

-      Press event in Hong Kong to wrap up a series of events in China to promote French cheeses

-      Presentation of French cheeses, cooking workshops with 3 local chefs and tasting session. How to cook with cheese? How to taste it? At what time of day? How to cut it? How to serve it?

-      Offer the local press a French cheese experience.


The Sopexa touch

-      Organising an entertaining cheese workshop to convey the full richness of French cheeses, the many possible pairings with local cuisine and the “rules” of tasting cheeses in a French way.

-      Presenting a variety of recipes by renowned chefs in an upscale setting.



-      3 partner brands

-      8 products presented

-      3 local chefs presenting 3 cheese-based recipes

-      13 media attended

-      9 press clippings with an Advertising Value Equivalency of €47,000