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Mexican Avocados in Japan

Our mission: To reposition the avocado on the Japanese market as a tasty and nutritious product.

Context: Highly present on the Japanese market (+17% growth in 2014 vs. 2013), the Mexican avocado nonetheless remains poorly known, which explains the importance of communicating to industry professionals and consumers.

The Sopexa “touch”: Highlighting the product’s appeal and closeness to the local culture, a foolproof means of standing out from the competition.

- An irresistible design for female Japanese consumers that provides practical information (“How to?”).
- Digital and print promotional tools endorsed by Japanese celebrities
- Recipes specially developed to incorporate the product in local food customs and practices
- Distribution of this content via a media mix combining digital, social media, high-circulation newspapers, commercials and posters at subway stations.

- Over 30,000 Facebook fans in 2 years

- Over 300,000 unique users of the Internet site

Client: Avocados from Mexico


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