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11 May 2017 Sopexa News picto share

INTER BEAUJOLAIS chooses Sopexa to promote Beaujolais wines

Inter Beaujolais has chosen Sopexa to run several communication campaigns for Beaujolais wines and crus in Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada, as well as a programme dedicated to Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan.


In Quebec, where sales of Beaujolais wines are soaring, the aim is to target a broader audience, namely Millennials, and get the wines listed at more points of sale. Four types of actions will be run: an exclusive partnership with the Montréal en Lumière festival, where B-to-B events for the trade and press will be held; events for the general public; in-store promotional drives; and a press relations plan.


In the United States, where Beaujolais crus have won over the wine industry and trade press and whetted consumers’ curiosity, the aim is to communicate the Beaujolais DNA at a broader scale and establish the region’s wines on the market for the long term. The agency will assist Inter Beaujolais by helping it organise ten events for the general public and industry professionals across the country, setting up digital media drives and developing press relations campaigns.


In Japan, Inter Beaujolais is calling upon Sopexa to boost awareness of Beaujolais crus, which are lesser known and outshined by the success of Beaujolais Nouveau in the country over the past 20 years. To shine the spotlight on non-nouveau Beaujolais PDO wines, the main tool is training for professionals.


The agency has also been tasked with giving Beaujolais Nouveau new momentum to drive sales. The selected strategy, supported by a press relations plan, leverages digital media and storytelling to raise awareness amongst younger consumers. On the menu for the arrival of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau is a matsuri, a typical Japanese ceremony that will bring together the general public, the press and opinion leaders. The campaign will run throughout the autumn, aiming to transform this phenomenon into a tradition in its own right, rooted in Japanese culture.


In Hong Kong, 2016 was a record-breaking year for sales of Beaujolais wines. Inter Beaujolais has chosen to once again work with Sopexa in order to capitalise on this performance and boost awareness of its lesser-known crus by promoting these wines in a way that clearly distinguishes them from Beaujolais Nouveau. Sopexa has thus developed a strategy to showcase the 10 regional crus, positioned as “hidden gems” of the Beaujolais, in order to make a name for these wines amongst local consumers, who are demanding connoisseurs. The agency has devised an action plan with three highlights in 2017: training of sales staff and a press lunch featuring pairings of Hong Kong cuisine and Beaujolais crus in May, press relations focusing on the Beaujolais 2015 vintage in June and participation in the Wine & Dine festival (with 140,000 general public visitors over a 4-day period) in October.


Press Contact: Ghislaine Plus


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