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15 February 2017 Sopexa News picto share

#InsideSopexa: meet Thomas Minc, MD of Sopexa USA

Thomas Minc joined Sopexa on January 23rd 2017 as Sopexa USA's new Managing Director.
Get to know him a bit better with this short interview.


Sopexa USA's business is all about helping insert our clients in everyday moments of pleasure : a glass of wine, a meal consumers care about, an event you’ll remember and talk about etc.

Why is the United-States is a unique market ? The paradox of a massive audience with never-ending local specificities alongside a very concentrated industry

On a daily basis my mission is to create the best creative and dynamic environment possible for our team to strive and our clients to succeed.

My hidden talent? I understand the rules of base-ball!

The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of ?  Being the first external social media agency for Red Bull focusing on every consumption occasions, achieving similar results as their well-known Space Jump.

A song in my headphones? The Killers.

My motto at work ? Not necessarily a motto but I truly believe that people will work better and harder for people they like than people they fear.

My favorite apps? DarkSky (never wrong about the weather), LaTVdeFrance (the French TV fix I need), TodayTix (last minute show tickets).

A sport love? Skiing ! The East Coast is just not enough.

A must-follow person ? Alec Baldwin on SNL.

Define creativity ? The unexpected.

A trend in my country ? Anything that Beyonce does !


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Sopexa 19/02/2018

A l'occasion du nouvel an chinois, les équipes de Sopexa USA s'essayent aux dumplings ! Il n'y a pas que le vin et le fromage dans la vie ! 😋

@GroupeSopexa 21/02/2018

Les brasseurs français créent leur label @BrasseursFrance #madeinfrance #biere #beer #food https://t.co/M1K3MyVbH0 via @cb_news

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