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2 March 2017 Sopexa News picto share

Italian products pick Sopexa to seduce Asia

Italy’s Grana Padano PDO and Parma Ham PDO consortiums pick Sopexa for their communications in Asia.


Sopexa has won a call for tenders to promote two products bearing European quality labels, Grana Padano cheese and Parma Ham, in Japan, China and Hong Kong.

The aim of this three-year communications campaign (2017-2019) is twofold: to more broadly promote European quality schemes and their advantages by highlighting two flagship products, and to boost sales of products with European designations of origin.   

A large-scale general public awareness campaign will be run, featuring a media strategy, PR, events and a training program for distributors. A sales activation drive in the supermarket and restaurant & catering channels will round out the programme.

1.  Protected Designation of Origin, or DOP in Italian




Press Contact : Ghislaine Plus


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