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16 March 2017 Sopexa News picto share

Greek products choose Sopexa

Sopexa wins 5 European calls for tender to promote Greek products internationally 


The Greek Meat Trade Association, EDOK, has awarded the agency a triennial campaign (2018 – 2020) to promote Greek lamb in Greece, Italy and Spain.

The campaign aims to surprise and delight butchers and consumers by promoting appetizing new cuts of meat that are easy to cook in everyday life. A 360ο communications mix customised for each country will combine press information campaigns, social media activation, sales activation – namely at traditional butcher shops, key players in the target local markets – and showcasing of products at general public and industry events such as leading food-sector exhibitions. 


As well, the Greek Olive Exporters, Processors and Packagers Association (PEMETE) has chosen Sopexa to promote Greek olives as part of the “Olive You” European Table Olives campaign.

This programme, with 4 calls for tender focusing on 13 target countries, will be run both within the European Union (in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Sweden and Austria) and in 7 other non-EU countries (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Norway, Australia, the United States and Canada).

It will highlight the quality and authentic flavour of these olives synonymous with the sunbathed Greek countryside. Here again, a comprehensive campaign and full communications mix will promote this premium product and its nutritional qualities to both consumers and opinion leaders.


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Sopexa 19/02/2018

A l'occasion du nouvel an chinois, les équipes de Sopexa USA s'essayent aux dumplings ! Il n'y a pas que le vin et le fromage dans la vie ! 😋

@GroupeSopexa 21/02/2018

Les brasseurs français créent leur label @BrasseursFrance #madeinfrance #biere #beer #food https://t.co/M1K3MyVbH0 via @cb_news

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