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9 May 2017 Latest news & trends in food & drink picto share

Exports of French wines in 2016: what lessons can we learn?

Following a study published by the Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins & Spiritueux de France (FEVS) in February 2017, exports of French wines continued to decrease in volume in 2016 despite stable sales, with 135 million hectolitres sold, accounting for €7.9 billion. François Collache, Sopexa’s Drinks Director, provides insight into this trend…


How are French wines holding up on export markets?

Though sales of wines are down slightly (-0.8 %), with a particularly difficult year for champagnes (-2.5%), sales of still wines remained stable in terms of value at €5 billion. This stability results from an upmarket swing in the wines being purchased. French wines can still leverage this trend on the worldwide market, where premium wines are in great demand.


Who are the leaders and which countries have seen the largest increases?

The main exporting countries remain Spain, Italy and France, which together account for 55% of the volume traded worldwide. In terms of value, France is the leader with a 28% share of the global market (according to the IWSR / Vinexpo study).

New Zealand, Chile and Spain are the top achievers with more than 20% growth in their exports between 2011 and 2015.

Australian and Italian wines are continuing to win market share and are increasingly available on all markets around the globe. We have to keep an eye on wines from these countries!


Which countries are most fond of French wines?

The United States is a big importer of French wines. The increase in sales of French wines in this country (up 10.5 % in terms of volume and 4.6 % in terms of value) reflects younger Americans’ growing interest in imported wines. The French range has won over Millennials thanks to its diversity and quality. This is namely the case for rosé wines from Provence, whose performance on this market has been remarkable.

Another piece of good news is that China, a key market for French wines, is once again seeing growth in terms of value (+4%) while remaining stable in terms of volume. With French wines becoming more popular and more affordable, alongside the rise of e-commerce platforms, there are strong prospects for steady growth in the country.

Yet the competition is tough! The market is becoming increasingly competitive, as all of the world leaders are actively courting Chinese consumers. This is particularly true for Australian wines, which are looking to capitalise on this nearby market that offers advantageous conditions thanks to bilateral trade agreements with China.



Contact : François COLLACHE
Drinks Sales Director

Tel: +33 (0) - françois.collache@sopexa.com


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