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14 April 2017 Latest news & trends in food & drink picto share

#Creativity: Brussels Beer Projet

Brussels Beer Project: a collaborative and participative project using co-creation to become more innovation and bring fesh air to the Belgian craft brewing scene. 

The best ideas are sometimes the craziest, and that is exactly what the co-founders, Sébastien, the Frenchman and Olivier, the Belgian are looking for.
This collaborative brewerie is setting up new rules for the brewing scene, offering beers with more authentic tastes made from noble products. Have you tried a beer brewed from recycled bread or infused with the oysters from Brittany ... Why not?

The initiative has been successful since the brand is now present at Dlehaize, No. 2 in the retail sector in Belgium.

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Sopexa 19/02/2018

A l'occasion du nouvel an chinois, les équipes de Sopexa USA s'essayent aux dumplings ! Il n'y a pas que le vin et le fromage dans la vie ! 😋

@GroupeSopexa 21/02/2018

Les brasseurs français créent leur label @BrasseursFrance #madeinfrance #biere #beer #food https://t.co/M1K3MyVbH0 via @cb_news

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