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With its in-depth knowledge of markets, key players and food cultures, Sopexa advises and assists you in your communications and marketing campaigns, enabling you to set the hottest food & drink trends today and in the future.  Our commitments: intelligent proposals, creative solutions and high-impact campaigns with ROI metrics. 



  • On a daily basis, my mission is … to drive Sopexa and its staff so that the agency becomes a reference in food and drinks communication. What I’d like clients to say about Sopexa: That it’s a company that is evolving constantly to always better satisfy its clients. My personality: I hope to be a man of empathy, conviction and intuition. The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of? Seizing opportunities! Namely, having managed Kronenbourg, having enabled it to make some ambitious fundamental changes that have made it what it is today! In addition, as a former HR Director, to challenge my staff and help them grow. They are the key to a dynamic, innovative company. The music in my headphones: Pop, rock, modern rock, Black Eyed Peas, etc. It’s quite eclectic. A sport: Golf, for 20 years. But I don’t have the time to really get better.  My commitment: Several years ago, my wife and I created Sur les Bancs de l’école, a non-profit organization that provides support for autistic children and their families. At school, in companies... they belong everywhere! A dish that fits my personality:  A dish reminescent of my childhood, rice pudding.

    Jean-René Buisson CEO
  • What I’d like our clients to say about Sopexa: That we are responsive, to the point, creative, efficient and…so very nice ! Sopexa’s added value: The only international communication agency specialised in food and drinks. My everyday mission: to raise the quality of our services to add value to the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. My hidden talent: I love to cook! A family heritage: my grandmother’s galettes au sucre, a simple and delicious recipe. The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of: The 20 year anniversary of Charoluxe, a collective brand that now accounts for 20% of French beef sales in Germany. A song playing in my headphones: Prince. A sport: Table tennis: quick, precise and energetic. A saying that guides me: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” 


    Charles Collard Marketing & Sales Director
  • What I’d like our clients to say about us: That we offer tailor-made services and have high-quality relationships with them. And also that our knowledge of local products and markets makes us “transmitters” of knowledge. The professional accomplishment that I’m proudest of? I don’t like living on past glories, so the professional accomplishment I’m proudest of is yet to come! A saying that inspires me: “We should tackle reality in a slightly jokey way, otherwise we miss its point.” Lawrence Durrell. If I were a dish? Dumplings from Din Tai Fung. A local custom I like: I lived in China for 7 years, so the ‘moon cake’, which combines a dish and a legend! An event you absolutely must see in my country: the spring tides…

    Catherine Etchart Key Accounts Director
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Digital factory

A team working at the cutting edge of the digital sphere
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The Digital factory is a team of 15 digital marketing experts based in 12 countries, who are there to help our clients formulate and drive effective on-line campaigns.

The Sopexa Saga Passion is in our blood !

Sopexa is 250 individuals driven to build an impactful, insightful, tailor-made communication and marketing strategy for each and every one of their clients.

Born from the conviction of four men determined to travel the world in order to promote food and drink products, Sopexa is the story of a passion that evolved into a business.

The pioneer agency created the first SIAL exhibition and developed the first French Pavilions. It initiated the first collective international advertising campaigns and helped the food and drink sector grow worldwide by launching the first exporters’ clubs. Local agencies soon opened in Europe, America, Japan, China and the Middle East.  

Today, all over the world, our teams, proud of this history, continue to innovate, stay on top of local markets and unearth the latest trends to guarantee advice tailored to your needs, a multichannel strategy and successful establishment of your brand or product.