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10 July 2017 Sopexa News picto share

A world tour of the latest food trends

From flying burritos, 3d menus and a vegan butcher shop to algae and crickets at aperitif time and the return of Moules-frites… a world tour of the latest food trends


Bowls, the New Dishes

Af ter the Power Bowl, with veggies, grains and proteins, here come the Hawaii Poke Bowl, the Breakfast Bowl and the Mexican Burrito Bowl.


More food styling
Somewhere between the Tiny Food trend, embodied by Japanese artist Chikoto Kawakami, or the foodporn shown in TASTY’s silent videos with text overlays, food is now more stylised than ever in order to make our mouth water. Yum, as long as we don’t skimp on


In Belgium, vintage is back

Classics are making a comeback : moules-frites, carbonnades flamandes and big, fat, juicy hamburgers.


In Canada, Flexitarianism is becoming big

YamChops brings together vegans and meat lovers by creating a vegan butcher shop in Toronto.


In the US, have you heard of flying burritos ?

Google drones are delivering Chipotle burritos on the Virginia Tech university campus.


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